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Gemstone Bracelet, Christmas in July, Moonstone Bracelet, Agate Bracelet, Gemstone Jewelry

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The dragonfly symbolizes change… change in your perceptive consciousness, where learning and assimilation is at its peak.  It can also be called self-actualization… have you observed that you are drawn towards certain colors or hues? Some colors bring out certain moods within you. The colorization of jewelry can transport emotions to the surface.  With this bracelet the white moonstone beads may have that calming effect, yet the deep rich green color such as the crackled agate and pyrite beads, signifies you needing that strength, the pink represents your feminine and tender side with the scattering of 6mm pink coral beads throughout the bracelet.  

The coloring of this gemstone bracelet ties into that color representation with the strength of the green, the softness of the white and the feminine aspects of pink. Combining these hues, makes a woman feel powerful.  Maybe some wearers are not drawn towards these colors, but that unique woman who seeks a piece of jewelry that represents her to the core, that speaks to her soul, well this bracelet is for THAT woman. She will appreciate all tones within the piece. 

If this bracelet personifies you to the core and it speaks to you on so many levels, then make it be part of your collection and wear it with confidence.  

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