Bohemian Inspired Jewelry & Painted Tees
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Welcome to Thea Design Concepts!

Welcome to Thea Design Concepts, featuring handmade bracelets, necklaces and earrings. 

Thea Design Concepts is home to an eclectic variety of bohemian inspired jewelry meant to evoke emotion, admiration and a sense of confidence in their wearers. My goal is to always have satisfied customers, and I am always open to custom orders so please don’t hesitate to message me for any reason. 

Featured Collections


Southwestern Bracelet, Turquoise and Copper Bracelet, Gifts for Men Women
Multi Gemstone Bracelet, Beaded Memory Wire Bracelet
Hippie Jewelry For Women, Memory Wire Bracelet, Mother’s Day Gifts
Religious Bracelet, Gifts for Mom, Jade Bracelet, Unique Gifts
Multi Gemstone Bracelet, Butterfly Bangle Bracelet, Memory Wire Bracelet
Butterfly Bracelet, Memory Wire Bracelet, Pink and Blue Wrap Bracelet
Multilayer Bracelet, Beaded Charm Bracelet, Butterfly Bracelet
Sold Out Amazonite Bracelet, Picture Jasper Bracelet
Chunky Jewelry, Gemstone Beaded Bracelet, Stretch Bracelet, Sea Sediment
Gemstone Bracelet for Women, Amazonite Bracelet, Statement Bracelet
Autumn Bracelet, Butterfly Bracelet, Presents for Mom, Fall Jewelry
Gemstone Bracelet, Pink Coral Bracelet, Memory Wire Bracelet, Anniversary Gift
Gemstone Beaded Bracelet, Stretch Bracelet, Sea Sediment, Sun Stone
Gemstone Bracelet, Christmas in July, Moonstone Bracelet, Agate Bracelet, Gemstone Jewelry
Aquamarine Bracelet, Gemstone Jewelry, Purple Jade Bracelet, Multi-Gemstone Bracelet
Turquoise Wrap Bracelet, Southwestern Jewelry, Ethnic Bracelet, Red & Blue Bracelet
Yoga Bracelet, Coral Bracelet, Ohm Jewelry, Memory Wire Bracelet, Yoga Jewelry
Sold Out Religious Bracelet, Freshwater Pearl Bracelet, Charm Bracelet, Stretch Bracelet for Women
Beaded Stretch Bracelet, Men's Black Onyx Jewelry, Unisex Bracelet, Onyx Jewelry
Butterfly Bracelet, Pink & Gray Bracelet, Butterfly Jewelry, Gift Ides for Her
Sold Out Memory Wire Bracelet, Hippie Bracelet, Bohemian Jewelry, Ethnic Bracelet, Wraparound Bracelet
Memory Wire Bracelet, Bohemian Bracelet, Sun Stone Bracelet