Creativity Feeds Your Soul

Welcome to Thea Design Concepts!

My website is my current home to my handcrafted jewelry and hand painted garments. I have always been an artist, and I actually hold a degree in Graphic Design. During my training I rotated through different modalities including Jewelry, Visual Communication, Painting, Sculpting, and Textile and Fibre Arts and I loved them all. Graphic Design eventually won my heart for a job simply because it offered better financial opportunities.

Like all artists, I have taken a winding road to my current offerings. Jewelry has always been a passion of mine. I was spurred to start offering my pieces professionally back in 2006 when people would request pieces from me when they realized the jewelry I wore was the jewelry I was creating at home. I create my pieces as if I am creating them for myself; I want them to evoke emotion and it should be strong emotion. I will not offer a piece of jewelry that is simply so-so, it needs to pop! Each product in my shop is created entirely by me, and I love to experiment with colors, textures and details. If a piece does not truly speak to me, I have no qualms taking it apart and reincarnating an entirely new product!

My one of a kind designs encapsulate my essence, my culture, and my pure inner joy for the love of art and jewelry. My flare for color and design is depicted in my jewelry, and my color combinations are varied for both my jewelry and my garments. It is my sincere hope that you find something for your wardrobe that makes you feel as beautiful, bold, and empowered.