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Red Tigers Eye Cuff Bracelet for Men Women | Hematite

Red Tigers Eye Cuff Bracelet for Men Women | Hematite

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 Discover the essence of the Southwest in our beaded cuff bracelet featuring turquoise howlite, hematite, and red tiger's eye. Adorned with metal charms for a touch of elegance, this bracelet is a harmonious blend of vibrant colors and natural energies—a statement piece for your unique style.

🔸MATERIALS: This beaded cuff bracelet is handmade with turquoise (howlite) beads, hematite beads, red tigers eye beads and silver-tone spacer beads. This memory wire bracelet is also made with stainless steel memory wire.  Memory wire retains its shape therefore it will fit most adult wrists.

🔸TIGERS EYE: promotes balance and harmony while instilling courage and confidence.

🔸HEMATITE: is known to provide grounding and protection, enhancing vitality and encouraging a sense of stability.

🔸BLUE TURQUOISE HOWLITE: Blue howlite beads, dyed for a vibrant turquoise appearance, offer a calming aesthetic to jewelry pieces. Their porous nature allows for effective dye absorption. Believed by some to promote relaxation and communication, these beads provide a stylish and tranquil addition to accessories.

🔸GIFT GIVING: This multi colored bracelet is an ideal gift for Christmas, a birthday, Thanksgiving, anniversary gifts, holiday, vacation wear, going away party, graduation, father’s day, gifts for valentine’s day or secret Santa gifts. In addition, it would make a perfect boyfriend, girlfriend, bff, best friend, bestie, sister, brother or friendship gifts.

🔸METAL USED: Lead & Nickel Free Metal Alloy.

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